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Dopo la lettera ai suoi fan arrabbiati,  Damien Kulash degli OK Go torna a parlare dei video della band, con una bella intervista a Time, che mi ero quasi perso, dal significativo titolo OK Go: Did the Music Biz Kill a Viral Video Star?

Tra le altre cose, dice che la band ha 5 clip nuovi in produzione, e smorza i toni della polemica con la EMI da cui quella lettera era nata:

The loudest online reaction tends to be from disagreers — there are a lot of people out there who think labels are Satan’s spawn. It’s not only a really simplistic view of the world, but it’s one that misses major chunks of how the music industry works. Our fans themselves are expressing a lot of gratitude for being communicated to so directly about things like this. But this letter has gotten an enormous amount of public attention and I think there’s a quiet majority who are just interested in seeing the music industry explained.

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